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Abhijit Ganguly

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Kolkata, India

Kaitie Elizabeth

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Idaho, USA

Ivan R. Lopez

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Miami, Florida, USA

Michelle Antelo

Contributing Artist

Miami, Florida, USA

December 29, 2015

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Bai Ling has the key to success. Do what you are passionate about. If you do that on thing, everything else flows and life is not a struggle. Bai Ling, who has starred in major Hollywood ventures such as "Anna and The King", "Star Wars 3" and Ang Lee's "The Wedding Banquet" was in Kolkata as part of the jury for the KOLKATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2015. I hadthe opportunity to speak with her about her life and journey in Hollywood.
How did you begin acting? Is this something you had dreamt of?
To me everything in life happens naturally, I was very shy almost mute as a child. I was, for some reason fearful of life and of people. I know I have a beautiful rich universe inside me. There is a power of magic hidden, if I don't find a way to express it, then it wil...

December 20, 2015

"At first I was drawing one of my favorite YouTubers, DanisNotonFire, playing the piano. But, it wasn’t looking like Dan, so I put a hat on his head and changed everything. A funny note: his name is Dan is Not on Fire, but I set his piano on fire.” 


Kaitie Elizabeth was born 12 weeks premature and her first year was a struggle to live. While enduring a few complications from her early birth, she has learned to overcome and live a normal life. One of her chief adversaries was a pronounced condition of ADHD. However, she understood that ADHD gave her mind a unique point of view, and was determined to use that to her advantage. She began drawing complex pictures from an early age, and sees art differently than most. Her deep faith in Christ and her sarcastic point of view...

December 7, 2015

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The latest work of artist Alison Barrows-Young was celebrated this past weekend at an art opening at Outskirts Center for the Arts in Hope, Idaho.








Visit Outskirts Center for the Arts on Facebook for information on art classes by Alison Barrows-Young. View her portfolio or buy her art at

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