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Kolkata, India

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Michelle Antelo

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Miami, Florida, USA

February 26, 2016

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Thoughts and musings of inspiration by Michelle Antelo. Simple things that capture universal truths. Follow Michelle on Instagram at @She.did__! Enjoy week 2.



Love... Beyond boundaries and rules...Beyond condition and expectation... Enough to let each other grow or let each other go. Just love.


Reflecting this morning on the certain kind of comfort I get from staying wrapped up in the failure of something, namely that I don't have to start doing the work that comes with moving on... None of the great stuff comes from that safe space.


I've found sometimes that I can get so caught up in the momentum of something, I lose sight of where I'm going and why I'm going there...a moment of reflection can be a great way to reconnect with my purpose before I continue on my journe...

February 19, 2016

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Thoughts and musings of inspiration by Michelle Antelo. Simple things that capture universal truths. Follow Michelle on Instagram at @She.did__! Enjoy week 1.



Some mornings I wake up totally aware of how magical life is, with a sense of gratitude, filled with confidence that I will conquer the day ahead of me, some mornings I have to remind myself... That's okay too.


Love each other enough to let each other GrOw.


There's a good chance you may not be completely understood as you make choices on the way to your greatness.


Reflecting this morning on the temptation to be a victim of circumstance... Recognizing how much of what hurts me or upsets I, in fact, choose for myself. There is a beauty in being the creator and the created, a responsibility and accountability... In...

February 18, 2016

Written by

The search for enchanting sounds leads to some interesting musical combinations. The language of emotions is almost the same across the world. In recent times, baul music, the itinerant folk form of Bengal, has had its tryst with fusion. It’s possibly the free-flowing character of the music that lends itself to a global musical blend. The city of joy recently witnessed one such collaboration between Auster Loo from Belgium and Brahma Khyapa from Kolkata. Auster Loo consists of Simon Leleux who plays percussions from Arab and the Middle East and flutist Lydia Thonnard.


Talking about the journey of Auster Loo, Simon says, “We decided to start playing together two years ago. Initially we wanted to compose our tracks with influences of music Middle Eastern music, giving s...

February 17, 2016

Written by

I believe that creativity is the pathway to happiness and peace for everyone.  All of us have access to a Creative Voice that dreams of things unseen and pushes us to become the highest version of ourself, the self we came here to be.  The problem is that there are other voices - the ones that speak of limitation and practicality.  Those voices rush in to convince us of why our creative impulses will never work and why we're not good enough to follow them.  Its easier to listen to those voices, after all it's what we're taught from an early age.  


But then there are the pioneers.  The ones that throughout history have bucked the trend and stubbornly and passionately followed their Creative Voice.  In doing so, they literally created a...

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