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Abhijit Ganguly

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Kolkata, India

Kaitie Elizabeth

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Idaho, USA

Ivan R. Lopez

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Miami, Florida, USA

Michelle Antelo

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Miami, Florida, USA

March 27, 2016

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March 21, 2016

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Recently, The Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Subbody Butoh School, "Katha' Koli" & The Arshinagar Project organized "Resonating" with Kali & The Sick Dancing Princess - a performance by a group of contemporary Butoh artists from Subbody Butoh School & Janardan Ghosh. In their collaborative work they seek to weave around the legend of 'Kali', an adaptation of "Sick Dancing Princess: through 'Butoh' movement, soundscapes, verses and readings. The Butoh performers are Izabela Wazsek and Jiyo and Honza Svasek. The jazz and sound is done by Andrew Kay, flute and voice art is by Pradip Chatterjee, live art
by Viola, story-telling by Janardan Ghosh and chants by Vidyapati.
Abhijit Ganguly spoke to Honza and Sati (Gio) on the sidelines of the event.
With Honza Svas...

March 19, 2016

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#notetoself: stay present to the gift that is today.


Finding hidden blessings.


#love #shedid


There are just some things we must do alone.


There is a significant correlation between growth and momentum.


And isn't that all that matters?




March 12, 2016

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Sometimes I feel myself rushing to get through the things I find difficult. But this morning, I'm recognizing how much of a guide the more trying moments in my life have been.


Morning reflections on anticipation... Looking so far forward I forget there's an entire journey to enjoy...


This living is a constant state of learning... You're figuring it out with every step and that's okay.


One side of a coin can't exist without the other.


Messy in a way I didn't plan, but so is life.


It will continue to evolve. Beyond difficulty, beyond death... There is no power greater than love.



March 6, 2016

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I often find myself caught up in the state of chasing: success, stability, happiness... But there are days I wake up completely aware of how vastly intricate I am, totally connected to and grateful for all the things that have to work together to get me out of bed in the morning and through my day. There are blessings beyond a paycheck... I love the mornings when I can recognize that the "smaller" things I tend to take for granted, are my greatest gifts.


More releasing, less resisting.



With the destruction of something comes the opportunity to rebuild.



It's a lying by omission, preferring the comfort of a situation to the discomfort that comes with change.



Don't play safe because you're scared you'll lose what you love if you grow... You're on your way, wherever you...

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