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March 21, 2016

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Recently, The Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Subbody Butoh School, "Katha' Koli" & The Arshinagar Project organized "Resonating" with Kali & The Sick Dancing Princess - a performance by a group of contemporary Butoh artists from Subbody Butoh School & Janardan Ghosh. In their collaborative work they seek to weave around the legend of 'Kali', an adaptation of "Sick Dancing Princess: through 'Butoh' movement, soundscapes, verses and readings. The Butoh performers are Izabela Wazsek and Jiyo and Honza Svasek. The jazz and sound is done by Andrew Kay, flute and voice art is by Pradip Chatterjee, live art
by Viola, story-telling by Janardan Ghosh and chants by Vidyapati.
Abhijit Ganguly spoke to Honza and Sati (Gio) on the sidelines of the event.
With Honza Svas...

November 15, 2015

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Tattoo is a way of expressing your feelings through your skin- Mo Naga



Photo by Mr. Tarun Gargh


Mo Naga, an alumnus of NIFT-Hyderabad is a self-taught tattoo artist. He is reviving traditional tattoos of the tribal people of North-East, creating neo-tribal designs. His designs are exposing to the world the lost tattoos of Northeastern tribes. Recently Mo Naga was present here at an exhibition at the Indian Museum aimed at documenting the traditions of past generations of Konyaks an initiative by Phejin Konyak, a descendant of the tattooed headhunters of the Konyak tribe. She has worked relentlessly for conserving the vanishing art.Renowned Dutch photographer Peter Bos, a collaborator in the research of Phejin Konyak..Abhijit Ganguly spoke to Mo Naga.


You are a qualifi...

November 6, 2015

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"Indian classical dance is a marathon and not a short distance dash"-Ramli Ibrahim


Recently, a nine-member group of the Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia performed a 90-minute show entitled, ‘Krishna, Love Re-invented’ at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) Kolkata. Accomplished in ballet, modern, and Indian classical dance, Director, Ramli Ibrahim is a cultural icon who has performed internationally for more than three decades. He is now curating the Dance Component of a comprehensive Arts Festival: DiverseCity: Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2015.


What led you to start Sutra Dance Theatre?


This is a long story. I formed Sutra Dance Theatre more than 32 years ago in 1983 when I returned to Malaysia from Australia after more than 8 years as a profess...

October 25, 2015


Photo courtesy of Soumya Bhattacharjee


I think music is critical in these times. Not just music for entertainment, but music to help us become more introspective- Aditya Prakash


Recently, The Park Hotels presented its ninth edition of The Park’s New Festival, Curated by Prakriti Foundation, this contemporary festival brings together a melting pot of talent for an unforgettable cultural medley. One of the major attractions of this festival was ‘THE COLLIDING WORLDS PROJECT’. It was a 90-minute musical journey which engaged the viewer in an exciting musical dialogue between Indian classical and folk, jazz and hip-hop by Aditya Prakash Ensemble, a Los Angeles based music group made up of some of the most exciting and dynamic jazz and Indian classical musicians-Adit...

October 18, 2015

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Dr.Selçuk Goldere, Head of Dance department, Hacettepe University. He graduated as an actor from Theatre Department-Acting Maindivision of Ankara University. He has worked as a dancer and choreographer in between the years 2000 and 2009 in Ankara State Opera and Ballet-Modern Dance Department/MDT. He has taught some of the main theatre and dance courses like dramatic and epic acting, stage, physical acting skills, dance techiniques and choreography for contemporary dance at Çanakkale OnsekizMart University in Çanakkale, Anadolu University in Eskişehir, Hacettepe University Ankara state Concervatorium in Ankara, State Folk Dance Ensemble in Ankara and Ankara University State Concervatorium and Theatre Department in Ankara. He is still working over new projects and also...

October 3, 2015

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Photo courtesy of Madanmohan Samanta  


Mirco Patarini was born in Spoleto (Italy) and in 1978, he began to study music at the CDMI (Italian Musical Didactic Centre). In 1980, he started to study the free bass accordion and in 1981 was judged first at the Italian pre-championship of Castelfidardo. He won numerous prizes and awards in Italy. In 1988, he began to collaborate with the firm “Farfisa-Bontempi” as musical adviser and here he started his evolution through the world of electronics music. At the same time, he began his collaboration with the firm SCANDALLI. As a soloist, he has performed worldwide. Recently from 2014, he is the Chairman of the Music Committee of CIA (Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes), IMC-UNESCO, and member of the CIA Executive bo...

September 3, 2015

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Assamese Singer Simanta Shekhar is creating a sensation with his lovely and attractive voice and melodious songs.  His debut Assamese Album is Pakhila and is well known for his popular smash-hit song "Toradoi" in Pakhila. Another hit song of dikhou noi eriba nuwaru was popular with Assamese audience. His first Assamese solo Album is Apsora.


He Studied Pharmaceutical Science at Dibrugarh University of Assam but abandoned this lucrative career option to follow his heart, that is music. Talking about his initial journey Simanta says, “I was never a pharmaceutical person at heart. My parents always wanted me to take education seriously. They didn’t think that one could make a career out of music. That is the perception of most Indian parents. The society accepts music, d...

July 17, 2015

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Vassilis is Artistic Director at Eilissos a company for culture.”Eilissos" micro-art space is the seat of the homonymous non- profit organization founded in 2006 by group of artists, scientists and entrepreneurs to overall research, study, preservation and dissemination of art in various manifestations. An old house - in the city center near the old bed of the homonymous river - converted into "pocket theater",  music scene,  exhibition space according to the needs of the event.  Abhijit Ganguly spoke to him on the sidelines of Celebrating 82nd birth anniversay of Jerzy Grotowski the event Celebrating 82nd birth anniversary of Jerzy Grotowski in Kolkata organized by Bibhaban In association with. Theatre House & Proscenium Art Centre.


What exactly is the phi...

June 7, 2015

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The Sorbs of Western Slavic origin  have been living in regions of Eastern Germany long before Germany as a nation state existed. Overcoming numerous obstacles like the terror aimed at them during the Third Reich, they have endured and are still holding onto their own language, rights, and traditions even today. They have become fairly integrated into German society but still place a lot of value on their Sorbian identity, which for them precedes their German nationality.


German photographer Yana Wernicke  through her work “Irrlicht” wants to go back to the mythical and fantastic roots of Sorbian life. Inspired by fairy tales and legends, she delved deeply into Sorbian history in order to bring to life an imagery that has long been f...

May 10, 2015

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Ritika Sahni is a professional singer, performer, composer, producer of children’s albums and a social activist. She has been working with disability related issues for the more than two decades and founded Trinayani, a NGO working with disability advocacy in 2006 with the sole desire to inform, communicate and create awareness, tolerance and respect about the world of people with disabilities among the non- disabled population and explore and create equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. 


From Bengali jingles to playback singing, Ritika Sahini has come a long way. How do you see your journey?

A It has been a long journey. Things have changed drastically. We had only cassettes those days. And now we are talking about releasing songs in pen drives. When I s...

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