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She.did__! Week 1

Thoughts and musings of inspiration by Michelle Antelo. Simple things that capture universal truths. Follow Michelle on Instagram at @She.did__! Enjoy week 1.

Some mornings I wake up totally aware of how magical life is, with a sense of gratitude, filled with confidence that I will conquer the day ahead of me, some mornings I have to remind myself... That's okay too.

Love each other enough to let each other GrOw.

There's a good chance you may not be completely understood as you make choices on the way to your greatness.

Reflecting this morning on the temptation to be a victim of circumstance... Recognizing how much of what hurts me or upsets I, in fact, choose for myself. There is a beauty in being the creator and the created, a responsibility and accountability... In taking back ownership of it being my life and not just a series of situations happening to me, I get to start designing what I want the rest of it to look like.

Oftentimes we overlook the beautiful rewards that follow the most trying moments in our lives: A newfound faith in ourselves, the people around us and the Universe... The tests remind us of our own resilience, our true power and the greatness within us we sometimes forget.

We often set expectations for others from a place of love, but in a life full of lists and deadlines, it's easy to internalize someone's ideas for your own life as a goal you must achieve. Recognize the love behind the expectation and release yourself from the pressure of meeting it. You are loved because of who you are, not what you do... You will be loved regardless.

During the shift, the same old triggers will appear, so will the same old feelings...but it is in their mastery, in your ability to work through them more quickly and more gracefully that you begin to enjoy the progress. Be patient with yourself as you adapt to the new shape and size of your greatness; bumping into things along the way isn't defeat, it simply means there's more work to be done.

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