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She.did__! Week 3

I often find myself caught up in the state of chasing: success, stability, happiness... But there are days I wake up completely aware of how vastly intricate I am, totally connected to and grateful for all the things that have to work together to get me out of bed in the morning and through my day. There are blessings beyond a paycheck... I love the mornings when I can recognize that the "smaller" things I tend to take for granted, are my greatest gifts.

More releasing, less resisting.

With the destruction of something comes the opportunity to rebuild.

It's a lying by omission, preferring the comfort of a situation to the discomfort that comes with change.

Don't play safe because you're scared you'll lose what you love if you grow... You're on your way, wherever you're going, even if where you're going is where you started.

It may not work out exactly as you plan, but you can passively await an outcome or actively be part of the process.

Reflecting this morning that the amount of energy I use dreaming up tomorrow is better spent creating my today.

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