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Tijo Varghese: It's Magic!

Tijo Varghese Magician

Tijo Varghese is a professional magician based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He developed interest in magic at the early age and he started practicing it with his self-interest. Tijo does a range of category of magical effects like production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, escapism, and prediction. He uses amazing magical methods, and he is well versed in stage illusions, platform magic, corporate magic, street magic, children’s magic, and various others. Tijo Varghese has now entered the India Book of Records for performing blindfolded for an hour and performing continuously for two hours- the longest magic performance. Recently, he performed at the Great World Talent Festival 2017 which was organized by the Universal Records Forum.

When did your love of magic first start?

Since my childhood days my love for magic started. My master was Johnson sir and Jammu sir.

Do you think magic is something that anyone can learn or do you have to have a certain aptitude or mindset?

Magic is a different art form when we compare with any other art form. The reason being when we perform magic on stage, some of the people in the audience will be ready to find the mistakes or try to find the secret behind the act. We don’t allow them to think about that and we distract the mind with our physiological powers.

Tijo Varghese Magician

How do you differentiate yourself from other magicians?

My art is centered around giving people an experience to cherish. I am known for my Blindfold magic Performance. I have been given honorary doctorate by World Record University.

What has been your most memorable performance to date?

When I performed my blindfold magic performance act in Delhi which was a record.

Has a trick ever gone wrong live on stage and how did you recover?

We won’t allow our mind to distract by anything. Concentration is more important for the magician. Also we need to captivate our audience to watch our act .The only aim for the magician is to make the audience happy.

Advances in technology have created even more possibilities in the art of illusion. What are your views?

Even though there are many advanced technology magic has a higher value in the people’s minds.

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