Who We Are

American Laboratory Theatre’s research, collaboration, passion and vision drive us to be the most authentic, passionate and creative versions of ourselves. We work together to free ourselves from the barriers and walls that hold us back – to find the truth that lives within us. Together, we teach and learn from one another what we have to give and receive.  We evolve a way of living, each using our own unique qualities to create beauty in the world around us. We live to create and create to live.

Our Mission

American Laboratory Theatre is an international school of theatre practice that seeks to use various art forms as a tool to educate, inspire and entertain people and performers.


The Laboratory will provide unsurpassed educational experiences for people and performers to explore and develop through workshops and retreats led by internationally-renowned directors and instructors.


Through our work, we wish to inspire people and performers to evolve a way of living that creates beauty and unity with the world around them.


The Laboratory will bring its artistic endeavors to culturally diverse audiences, especially those communities with limited or no opportunity to benefit from a quality artistic experience. We bring the art to the people through presentations in unconventional, as well as traditional spaces.

American Laboratory Theatre

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814

E: jesus@americanlabtheatre.com  

P: 208.660.4009 

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