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She.did__! Week 2

Thoughts and musings of inspiration by Michelle Antelo. Simple things that capture universal truths. Follow Michelle on Instagram at @She.did__! Enjoy week 2.

Love... Beyond boundaries and rules...Beyond condition and expectation... Enough to let each other grow or let each other go. Just love.

Reflecting this morning on the certain kind of comfort I get from staying wrapped up in the failure of something, namely that I don't have to start doing the work that comes with moving on... None of the great stuff comes from that safe space.

I've found sometimes that I can get so caught up in the momentum of something, I lose sight of where I'm going and why I'm going there...a moment of reflection can be a great way to reconnect with my purpose before I continue on my journey.

Take on the task in front of you. Accomplish it. Take on the task in front of you. Accomplish it.

Don't stop moving forward while everyone else catches up.

Don't let proving someone wrong be your sole motivation. But, if you need the extra fuel on your way, let their doubts serve you.

Deal with what you have in front of you, do not cower to doubt. You are greater than your greatest fears.

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