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Who is Robo Ganesh?

Robo Ganesh is a variety entertainer and an actor hailing from Chennai. To his credit, Ganesh has appeared in more than 40 TV channels like “India's Got Talent” on Colors TV and entertainment such as “Ke Liyay Kuch Bhi Karega” on Sony TV. He has performed in more than 3000 shows and in 30 countries. His proud moment was when his name was included in the India book of world records. He is currently acting in 4 languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi) in the lead role.

How do you feel to be called the “Jim Carrey” of India?

I feel honored that everybody calls me Jim Carrey of India. I am great fan of his.

Your robotic acts are very impressive. What's the toughest thing about performing

this act?

I work out regularly and maintain good health so that I can deliver my best with every show.

How did you come with the idea of knee-puppet act?

I always want to use my body to perform. That’s how the idea of using my knee as a puppet came. It’s a way to entertain the audience using an innovative concept.

Which role do you enjoy the most: dancing, puppetry or acting?

I like to do acting more. One of my favorite roles was my performance in - Superhero and Joker.

Any memorable experience during your performances you wish to share?

After my performances, people come and appreciate me. For me, this is the most memorable moment. I enjoy talking to the people with great happiness after my performances.

In recent years, TV talent shows have burst onto our screens. Are TV talent shows

good or bad?

There's always good and bad in everything. It’s a good platform but also it has its bad side.

Do you have any advice for aspiring dancers?

Practice makes man perfect!

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